What is a Home warranty?

A home warranty is a yearly service contract that covers the repairs and replacement of important household appliances and system components that break over time. Sudden breakdown of appliances and system failure which are not covered in home insurance, are covered in Home Warranty contract and thus it is important to have a Home Warranty plan when purchasing a home.

What is covered in a Home Warranty Contract?

The reason why you should have a home warranty plan is because repair bills are quite expensive and inconvenient to deal with. But this issue will be resolved as we, Compare to save, offer you plans accordingly that will protect you from such sudden expenses. With a home warranty, you will be covered if your household appliances stop working. This will help you save time and money as our service contracts promise you effective and efficient service for covered issues. Appliances covered by the contract depend upon the plan chosen by you.
Typically it covers:

  • Heating system and ducts
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • Refrigerator
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Garage door system
  • And more!
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How it works?


Request service

Request service if something breaks down. You can request service online or by calling us if a covered item breaks and needs to be repaired. You can contact us anytime as we assist our customers 24/7


Schedule an appointment

We will contact you to schedule an appointment. Pay your fixed fee according to the plan you have selected and we will assign a licensed professional technician.

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Get services

The professional technician will analyze your appliance and will repair or replace your covered appliance.

How can you get a Home Warranty?

Getting a Home Warranty Plan is simple and economical. Safeguard your budget against expensive repairs.
Simply contact us at: info@comparetosave.net or talk to our experts: +1-844-733-0427 and we will address all queries that you might have regarding plans.